We have enjoyed being in the midst of an ongoing release of the Holy Spirit in New England for over seven years... in our home. Weekly, people from all over the Northeast and even other parts of the USA and about 45 countries have made the journey to the home in Andover CT. We've dealt with issues of parking, snow storms, flooded house and many things... but nothing has stopped this train from moving. Brian Britton said a few years ago when he was here that it reminded him of the Bonnie Brae House where The Azusa Street Revival first broke out. That has been our prayer as we have continue seeing the Lord move in many lives, experiencing fresh touches of the Lord, people saved, filled with the Holy Spirit,delivered from demons, baptized and everything in between. What a precious time for us and our family... and we now believe things are about to increase. We have sensed a strong release of something fresh. Dreams, visions, healings, miracles, prophetic release, and encounters seem to be increasing dramatically and we believe the time in on us for a major regional and national breakthrough.

These Tuesday nights are stirring us for the upcoming Greatest Awakening that is now upon us as is being witnessed in our Nation as well as around the world. It's all about Jesus... not a movement or personality.... He's the One we are looking for. I believe all will be ministered to... with healing, with power, with joy, with His Presence... it's not an exaggerated statement... it happens all the time here!

Come. You are welcome.

80 Shoddy Mill Rd Andover CT 06232