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MOW International Trip Information

All Ministry Team must complete the following application and then the appropriate links below:
After finishing the initial response on this page, please complete & mail this LIMITED LIABILITY FORM by clicking this link
MOW Limited Liability Release Form Attached

Which Ministry Trip are you wanting to be a part of?

Please make a selection.
First Name

Family Information


  • If your current passport expires within 6 months of mission date, please apply for a new one



A. If you are a musician, what instrument do you play?
B. What instrument do you play? (Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Woodwinds (flutes etc), Strings (violin, cello etc), Drums, etc.
C. What skill level do you play at?
1. Moderate (Need chord sheets)
2. Experienced/Normal (play regularly on a worship team with chord sheets)
3. Experienced/Advanced (play by ear & prophetically regularly without chord sheets)
4. Professional (play by ear and follow lead worship leader)
5. Lead Worship Leader

Personal Information MOW Conferences / Training Events you have attended?

Why do you want to be a part of Ministry Trip?

Have you completed the following? (not mandatory, but encouraged)

These Walk On Water – by Danny Steyne
Rush Hour – by Surprise Sithole
They Walked in the Garden – by Danny Steyne
Keeping The Fire – by Rolland Baker
Voice In The Night – by Surprise Sithole

Ministry Information Have you begun developing personal ministry yourself?
Explain. What do you regularly do?

Ministry Information Have you begun developing personal ministry yourself?
Explain. What do you regularly do?

What other aspects of releasing ministry do you do in a regular manner that are a part of “general congregational” ministry?

What specific areas of training are you in need of?

[MOW Ministry trips are unique. We do not come up with a “padded” figure to facilitate MOWTeam or Staff on these trips. Please do your best to help with that, and donate below “marking” the purpose. You will be responsible for getting your flights – we provide a general time for you to arrive – and once there, will need to take care of your own expenses. Usually “host homes” are provided free for MOWTeams. Ministry Trips are NOT financially supported by Mountain Of Worship and are an extension of ministry of MOW. Your continued gifts assist us in multiplication of fulfilling the Dream of our Father!]

We are looking forward to touching the nations with you and releasing His Great Love into the lives of each other and others as we go!!!

Please note: Above prices may need to be adjusted slightly based on our costs for flights. Thanks!

Much Love,



Danny Steyne