MOW Worship Community

I remember John Wimber once saying that “Every true move of God has it’s own music, sound, liturgy!” He was referencing the fact that during every Revival or Awakening God releases fresh music, whether that was through Martin Luther, Charles Wesley, or Delirious. The principle of fresh worship has been true in my life for over 3o years as both a worship leader, songwriter, musician, pastor and Christian leader. Pursuing the fresh is critical, but we must also pursue the sons & daughters who are called to carry all of us into the next realm of not-yet-known worship. This Worship Advance is intended to raise up those who want to press past the mediocrity of simply learning worship songs that can be copied, into the extravagant love realm of risk, faith, joy and intimacy beyond the borders and parameters that so often limit worship. Honestly, each of the quests we have who will be leading the workshops could easily carry a conference by themselves. Several of these have have been a part of our MOW events that have touched the Nations and this Nation. Collectively, they have written hundreds of incredible songs, and this time together will be an impartation of that, as well as the creativity, depth, prophetic release and supernatural flow that happens when we gather to worship!I believe Worship is the Frontline. I believe the Awakening that will touch this Nation and the Nations of the earth is going to be broken through by worship. You are the ones who will be there to see it all happen, with your own eyes, this is simply a way to help us prepare for that, and to become a Worship Community that will engage both New England and beyond!