MOW Hospitality

Thanks you for your interest in Mountain Of Worship.

We have many that come to our MOWBase and conferences and other Conferences throughout the United States. The following information should help you understand what we can do, and what we can’t do regarding your visit here.

Unless we have specifically requested that you come as a speaker or worship leader, you will fall into the following category.

MOW can make no financial obligation to you in any way regarding your trip here or accommodations. For the most part you are on your own. We will give you area hotels and possible host homes (if there are any available during your stay) for you to contact regarding your stay. You will need to work out the details regarding accommodations and transportation with them, or through a rental car business that we will give to you as well.

If a visa letter is required for you coming, it is important that you have all the financial arrangements made prior to contacting us for that letter. We can’t be responsible for your flights, meals, transportation, or accommodations while you are here. Please know that this is not out of disregard for you, we generally all have pretty full homes during our conferences, and are driving many around as it is. The added administration would be impossible for us to do at this particular juncture of MOW.

Registration prices for international guests are 25% less than the website indicates, but you will need to contact us with your intent, the number of registered guests, and your understanding that you will be obligated for your personal travel, meals and accommodations. When we have received your registrations we will forward you information regarding accomodations, transportation options, and a visa request letter.

If you are planning on moving to be a part of MOW, please let us know your intentions and we can also refer you to some reputable real-estate agents who can help you find a house.

Thanks so much… we look forward to seeing you!
MOW Hospitality Team