Classic on healing, restoration and rebuilding your life. (Revised 2015)

When Bruised Reeds Break

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Classic on healing, restoration and rebuilding your life.

What happens when life collapses in on you and you don’t feel like you can go on?What do you do when your weakness draws the attacks of those who would rather destroy you than build you up? What do do when it appears there is no recovery, no healing, no future and all the previous promises of God lay shattered on the floor?How do you handle betrayal that is evident in front of all, but leaders, denominations, and organizations choose to believe the lie and you have to live through it? What is the process of redemption, forgiveness and restoration? Is it possible to fully restore someone who has fallen? Is it possible to fully recover from the devastation that has seemingly removed every hope of future?

Danny Steyne’s book on Restoration covers these and many other questions in a book written for every believer as a primer on dealing with brokenness and forgiveness.   It is a classic for healing, forgiveness & restoring relationships and Returning a life to the Destiny God intended!

Forewords by Randy Clark & Jack Taylor.

He does not crush the weak, Or quench the smallest hope; He will end all conflict with his final victory, And his name shall be the hope Of all the world.”  (Matthew 12:20-21)

Danny Steyne’s book, “When Bruised Reeds Break,” is the best book for expressing the heart of God for broken people I have ever read. It is a moving story through which we learn about the weakness of the Church in knowing how to restore those who have experienced the breakdown of the family, and those who have fallen in general.

I applaud Danny for his courage, honesty, and love for the Church and those who belong to it who are bruised reeds. May his book teach us how to better reflect the heart of our Savior who did not break the bruised reed or put out a smoldering wick. Danny has written an excellent book. I highly recommend this book to every pastor, elder, deacon, and anyone else wondering about the heart of God and the issues pertaining to restoration.

Randy Clark
Global Awakening Ministries International Conference Speaker

Thank you for giving me the privilege of an early reading “When Bruised Reeds Break.” I write many endorsements, prefaces, and introductions and I do not recall many books to which I refer as a “must- read.” But yours is one I would include in this short list of “must reads”!

I generally browse a book, pick up the drift, and central message, and respond to that. This procedure was impossible with your book. I found a shallow and casual reading impossible.

It is a story that, when read, touches all of us at some point of need, pain or fear. This is a story about loss and betrayal covered by grace and forgiveness. The goal is easily detected in the early part of the book: the restoring of lives to one another and to God as well as the restoring of joy amid darkness and uncertainty. It is a venture into which the church, to be triumphant, must enter to regain and restore what has been stolen, lost or forfeited.

If we believe in a sovereign God, we must believe in a sovereign grace that forgives again and again and seeks to restore with gentleness and strength. This is a story of radical grace and radical forgiveness and radical restoration.

Jack Taylor
President Dimensions Ministries

Danny takes the calculated risk of being transparent and brutally honest. He exposes the fact that there is a lack of the spiritual among us who are able to restore the fallen and the hurting, but that there is a plethora of Job’s comforters who cloud the counsel of God with words without knowledge! This book will help us understand that the evidence of our spirituality is not in our ability to judge and condemn, but in our ability and willingness to restore.

Jack McKee New Life Ministries
Northern Ireland

Danny is one of the most real people I have ever known. He is caught in the destiny of restoration of individuals in a church world that is in a season of major reformation. In the crucible of pain, brokenness and real forgiveness transforms the pain into real love, Resentment of the pain and those who have been used to inflict it produces bitterness and a life void of love. This book presses us toward the process of reformation from religious ways into the pure holy love of the Father. Danny’s no nonsense straight forward way of presenting the truth and real life experience will touch the broken and take them toward restoration and it will touch and challenge leaders toward reformation of church into the manifest loving presence of God.

Ron McGatlin

Danny Steyne is the real deal. He has been knocked down, but never knocked out. From the trials of life, he has emerged as a great warrior for the Lord—a testimony of God’s mighty grace. Because Danny has endured the fires of adversity and brokenness, he now offers you pure gold, the riches of God’s kingdom.

Jim Buchan
Crosslink Ministries


I’ve known Danny Steyne for a long time and have always appreciated his calling and giftings. To say this book is timely is a gross understatement. The church’s past and present is riddled with the broken hearts and lives of many of its once great leaders. I trust that Danny’s experience and message will be a wake-up call for our generation to mobilize and become a healing and restoring community. This book is invaluable for all who have been bruised or will minister to bruised reeds.”

Gary Oates
Author, Ministry Leader


2015 Edition



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