The generation that walks on water exists today!

These Walk On Water

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The generation that walks on water exists today!

The generation that lives under an open heaven exists today. They are taking the world by storm with His Love and Power and millions are responding. Danny Steyne leads us into that place where faith becomes foundational to living… not just spoken about! Would you like to enter the Destiny God intended for you from the foundation of the earth? Would you like to step into the realm of Love that is full of God’s overwhelming Power? Would you like to become comfortable with the atmosphere that God is comfortable with?

Randy Clark says, “Danny Steyne’s new book, “These Walk On Water,” is a “Christian Manifesto” calling for a display of Christianity with power. He writes as a prophet calling people into their destiny. This is not the book for the couch potato Christian … it is written to call forth those who understand Christianity as a revolutionary call to a new lifestyle; a lifestyle to work miracles, heal the sick, cast out demons, minister to the poor, and worship God with abandonment.”

Denny Cline from Jesus Pursuit Church says, “You will discover the heart of a Jesus revolution in this book. It’s a heart that is creative, risky, but somehow humble and bursting with God’s love.”

Bob Fulton, one of the founders of The Vineyard that burst through the world as a contemporary move of the Spirit of God said, “This book will inspire you to follow Jesus with wisdom and zeal. Danny doesn’t trash the present church, but his view of Kingdom life will challenge those who compromise their values. He is concerned with making Kingdom disciples who “are not afraid to follow in the footsteps of those who previously have paid the price.” This book relentlessly pulls you from the bleachers onto the playing field.”

Come join those who have ventured beyond the sides of the boat… throw the other leg over and Come walk on water!

2015 Edition

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