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Joel Robinett functions as a connector of the body of Christ, song writer, worship leader, church planter, and minister of Jesus’ healing grace and mercy to the broken fragments of humanity. In September 2009 the Lord sent Joel and Lara to live in Connecticut in an unprecedented leap of faith to serve Jesus Christ’s awakening bride. He is currently serving the body of Christ in an organic gathering of worshippers, worship leaders, artists, and dancers called the Jah Jam,, a ministry that connects in the hearts of men and women and focuses on the restoration of the dry bones of Jesus’ bride, His church, in Connecticut and New England.

Yeshua is our greatest passion and we can hardly wait to fly with Him at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal expressions of worship. Carrying the pure love of Jesus for God and men is our most delightful joy as unashamed sons and daughters of Yahweh.

“I love you, Yeshua.

I love your ways.

Your love is enough to cross the line.

Set my heart ablaze,

Set my heart ablaze.”

(From a Jah Jam song.)


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