While many of these are directly birthed from MOW, others are simply MOWFamily who are doing very similar ministry and are a part of the larger scheme of the vision of MOW. It is not our intent to establish a “new denomination” but rather see unity, cooperation, and blessing occur regionally without a sense of rivalry or competition. Our desire is to facilitate the ministry of the Holy Spirit wherever that might be occurring.

Often we are asked if we have a MOW in a specific area, and while our intent is to carry through the mission given to us throughout the whole earth, we readily recognize that the name we want honored is JESUS and not MOW. Each of these ministries have similar focus for their region, what MOW has. They may have gatherings that are not called “Merge” but if listed they may carry a similar type of gathering that facilitates the Holy Spirit leading with worship, ministry, freedom, joy, love central to the themes. The Groups that gather are varied, but also facilitate similar community and focus that are developing Kingdom Family locally and regionally as the foundation to their purpose.


Danny & Karen Steyne

Facilitators Founders MOWGroups Merges


Naomi McBurney

Leadership Team Coordinator


Susan Noviella

Leadership Team Coordinator


Dan & Susan Rondeau

MOWSOM Director


Armand Roberts

MOW Ministry Leader


Rea Steyne

MOWBase & Merge Worship Leader


Dwight & Carol Ryniewicz

MOW Ministry Leaders


Abby Rotch

MOWBase & Merge Worship Leader

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