MOW Constitution & Bylaws

Several years ago the Lord spoke to me. “Bylaws and Constitutions were written to prepare for My absence. If it’s not me doing it, don’t keep it going!”


As followers of Jesus, we have come to the understanding that He is our Chief Shepherd, His Father is ours too, and that The Holy Spirit is the administrator, director, and leader of His Church.

We fully embrace the notion that The Holy Spirit is fully aware of the direction and decisions that need to be made, capable of leading and directing in those decisions, and we are willing to abide by His leadership even when we are not fully cognizant of that direction.

We purposefully have chosen to remain dependent on His complete intervention in the affairs of Mountain Of Worship and our individual lives, believing that if He is leading, He is not looking to abdicate that role and release it to a lesser authority with human frailty, discernment, and judgment.

We choose to abide by the notion and highest principle of love that brings us to humility, teachability, and service to one another and the purposes of Heaven on the earth.

We are fully aware that we, as humans, are desperate for, and dependent on, His revelation, His Word, and His leading in all affairs of our personal and in the community of believers that are known as MOWFamily.

We gladly acknowledge the fact that we are not fully aware of all the parameters of practice, order, purpose, and parameters of His leading, and have chosen to remain submissive to Him in all our ways and practices.

We have come to know that although His ways and thoughts are perfectly correct, because of our human frailty and imperfect perception, we sometimes find His works, ways, and directions places us in an awkward, yet Holy place. We are grateful for this Holy awkward lifestyle that keeps us childlike in His Presence.

We have chosen to pursue and remain in a place where our gatherings and our lives together reflect Him and if there is no direction, we will remain at peace with that desperate place of waiting for His direction until it occurs.

Basically it means this in two very simple bylaws:

1. We don’t know what we are doing (but He does know what HE IS DOING!)
2. We are going to pursue that notion in our gatherings!