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The Mountain is growing... have you been infected?

Around the world MOW seems to be growing without us...

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Every Mountain Of Worship has similarities. our desire is to touch the earth with Jesus' love, power, and grace. But every MOW also has it's unique qualities as well. MOW is not a cookie-cutter invention trying to duplicate ministries that all look the same. We are unique to the culture we live in, the wonderful family that God is growing around us, the gifts and differences that make us a part of The Mountain.. but not the full measure of it. we need all of the Body of Christ to do that!

Some of us are called by different names.... but as we meet... it's pretty obvious we carry the same dna, the same love, the same desire to see every knee bow... the same desire to see The Mountain of The Lord established as Chief among the Mountains of the earth... we are His family and we desire to fulfill His Dream on the earth!

If you are interested in learning more about MOW and would like to see if your DNA is who we are, we encourage you to contact us at To begin the application process please complete the MOW Affiliation Form so we can just learn a little bit about you.

We don't usually bring people into "The MOW Family" unless we know them in some way, and have found, as they have, that they truly belong in relationship with us. If you, your ministry, or your church would like to learn more. please begin seeking out relationship with us from wherever you live. We love relationships and are so excited at how God is growing this tribe called MOW.

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